Safety vests on the JKsafety website


The JKsafety company specializes in sewing personal protective equipment for working specialties. It focuses not only on design, but also on the quality of the models.

Safety vests on the JKsafety website

A safe workplace is a basic requirement for various businesses and organizations. Usually, a vest is an attribute of police officers and firefighters. They are also widely used by builders to work on various objects. The main function of such vest is to ensure safe conditions at the workplace. No matter what kind of work the builders do, a safety vest, jksafety provides an extra layer of safety.

Features of the choice of safety vests

Often, vests have special reflective elements. Their main task is to warn others about your presence. This is especially useful at night, when it is necessary to ensure good visibility at the workplace.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a safety vest?

The first step is the color scheme. Vests in bright eye-catching colors are very popular today. As a rule, it is orange, light green and yellow. You can also note black, blue safety vests in combination with other colors. It is important that the vest has a different color from other items of clothing. This will help you to be visible in your work environment.

Summing up, we can highlight the main parameters for choosing a vest:

  • Color solution.
  • The presence of reflective elements.
  • The presence of patch pockets for storing various items.
  • The size.
  • Model design.

Safety vests are the key to comfortable work in the workplace. They are used by surveyors, engineers, municipal employees, warehouse personnel, road workers and other professionals. It is easier and more convenient to work with such a piece of clothing. In the pockets, you can place work tools, measuring instruments that are necessary for performing everyday tasks.

How to choose the right vest?

Paying attention to the size, you can purchase a complete range ща workwear. The versatility of the vest allows it to be used for both women and men. Size S is the smallest, 5XL is the largest. Therefore, due to the wide dimensional grid, you can buy a vest for people with different physiques. The correct size will not constrain movement, providing a comfortable feeling during the work.

Often there are several patch pockets on protective vests. They can be fastened with buttons or a zipper. There are models that provide up to 4 pockets at the bottom and top. They can place even more items for storage. They can store a mobile phone, keys, and a flashlight, laser pointer, etc. Multifunctional pockets can be fitted with Velcro for quick access to contents.

An equally important parameter of choice is the material from witch the vest is made. The vest is based on high-quality polyester with high performance characteristics. Among them are strength, wear resistance, long service life. The materials used for sewing vests are breathable and lightweight. At the same time, the presence of a reflective tape significantly increases visibility when working in the daytime, evening and night time. Also, these vests will be the best choice in low light conditions.

The last thing you can pay attention to when choosing a protective vest is the design or appearance of the model. Most of these vests are unisex, so they are perfect for both male and female employees.

Ordering vests with JKsafety

On the JKsafety website, you can purchase vests depending on various parameters, including color, material, style, function, etc. It is possible to print custom text on the vest. The main features of the vests of this company are:

  1. Use of durable, breathable materials that can be washed in cold water.
  2. High-quality tailoring for long-term wear while maintaining the original appearance.
  3. Ability to choose any size.

To order any options, you can go to the catalog. Here is an assortment of models, characteristics are described and the actual cost is indicated. When ordering, you do not risk anything and can return the goods if necessary.

The company's specialists will help you choose models depending on your needs. At the site you can place an individual order for vests. You can get advice which will help you make a choice on the company's website.

Among the wide range of models of protective vests, you can note protective vests and polos in different designs. For the convenience of ordering, the site contains all the information, including the discount. Models can be purchased with a minimum 6% discount. The maximum discount is 50%. To get acquainted with the discount, it is enough to order vests with a special mark.

The JKsafety company specializes in sewing personal protective equipment for working specialties. It focuses not only on design, but also on the quality of the models. The company strives to develop new products, trying to satisfy the needs of customers as much as possible. When ordering products, you can note the ratio of price and quality.

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