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EGIR LLC - supplier of equipment for enterprises

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EGIR LLC - supplier of equipment for enterprises

Every manufacturing enterprise needs high quality measuring instruments and industrial equipment to keep all work processes running smoothly. It is better to purchase such equipment from reliable and trusted suppliers. So, EGIR LLC is a company specializing in the supply of equipment for industry, trade, catering, laboratories, etc.

Range of equipment for industrial plants

The website of the company https://egir.rf/ contains a virtual directory where finding everything you need to order will not be difficult. It is enough to drive in the necessary products for selection in the search query. Based on this, the following types of products are presented in the catalog:

  • Analyzers in a wide range: food, medical, laboratory, oil products, filtration, etc.
  • Instrumentation: voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters, depth gauges, gas alarms, moisture meters, wattmeters, industrial alarms, digital readouts, etc.
  • A wide range of laboratory equipment including spatulas, dispensers, conductometers, electrodes, concrete testing equipment, thickness gauges, and more.
  • Industrial scales of various types: hopper, platform, medical, laboratory, automobile, etc.

A detailed product catalog can be found after clicking on the appropriate button on the site. You will see a list of all the necessary commodity items that can be ordered online.

Order of industrial equipment from EGIR LLC

Due to the presence in the catalog of only certified products, as well as the passage of factory checks, the supplied products are of high quality in accordance with the established requirements.

Customers can make both wholesale and retail purchases of products on favorable terms. At the same time, delivery to different cities of Russia, Belarus and not only operates. To select and order products, you can contact the company's specialists on the website.

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