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Metalloinvest, part of the USM group of companies, acts as the general partner of the Russian Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 exhibition that has opened in Dubai

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USM Group presents LED installation "Universe of Possibilities" in the Russian Pavilion, which is controlled via a touch panel. The three-dimensional exposition consists of many transparent strings and 60,000 LEDs, with the help of which three-dimensional models are created on the themes of ecology, science and society - the three main directions of human development that determine its future. Key trends are told on behalf of the holding companies that operate in the mining and metallurgical and telecommunications industries, as well as in the Internet and digital technologies.

The images dedicated to ecology remind viewers that today there are solutions, aimed at the harmony of nature and industry.

“Today, the future is in our hands. We know how to create modern enterprises based on "green" technologies. Our mission is to be the basis for the evolution of modern metallurgy in the interests of future generations, ”says Nazim Efendiev, CEO of Metalloinvest.

The exhibition will run until March 31, 2022 and will be one of the largest in history: 192 countries are taking part in it. The theme of Russia's participation in EXPO 2020 is Creative Mind: Determining the Future. The Russian pavilion is one of the largest on the territory of the exhibition complex. It is made in the form of a domed volume, the outer shell of which consists of many intertwined multi-colored tubes-threads, and the constant change in their direction symbolizes the endless process of cognition, the rapidly growing speed of progress and the unstoppable movement forward.

The Russian Pavilion will tell about the scientific and cultural achievements of past eras, show how the creative mind can create the future for the benefit of humanity.

The business program of the Russian Pavilion will focus on the most pressing, relevant and progressive topics: urbanism, space, education, culture, contemporary art, tourism, science, transport and logistics, fashion industry, medicine.

On December 3-4, as part of the celebration of the National Day of Russia, The Russia Forum: driving the future will take place at EXPO-2020, which will bring together representatives of leading Russian and international companies. Metalloinvest plans to take part in the plenary session "The Economy of the Future: Creativity, Efficiency, Responsibility", which will be held within the framework of the forum on December 4.

On January 25-26, the Meeting of the Russian-Arab Business Council will take place. The event program includes meetings in the national pavilions of Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sudan, Morocco, Syria and Oman between delegates from 22 Arab countries and Russia, including representatives of Metalloinvest and other large companies.

The Russia Creates 3.0 forum, which will be held in March 2022, will be the culmination of the disclosure of the topic of the Russian pavilion.

More than 60 business and cultural events will take place in Dubai during EXPO 2020.

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