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Stainless sheets from the company "Steel Invest"

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Stainless sheets from the company "Steel Invest"

Stainless steel is widely popular in various industries and construction. Especially in demand are stainless steel sheets, which have high performance properties. If the task is to buy stainless steel sheet , you can pay attention to the current offers of the company "Steel Invest". She specializes in supplying a wide range of stainless steel sheets. Let's see the assortment in more detail.

Features of use of stainless steel sheets

The demand for this type of rolled metal is understandable. This is due, first of all, to the technical parameters and operating features. So, the advantages of stainless steel sheets include resistance to mechanical damage, chemical attack, temperature extremes. They have a fairly long operating period and are easy to handle and maintain. Therefore, their use is advisable in a variety of areas - construction, chemical, oil industry and others.

The most common examples of operation include the manufacture of equipment frames, the manufacture of fittings and furniture, decoration of facades, etc. Sometimes they can be used to make a variety of containers and cisterns.

Varieties of stainless steel sheets

Classification of sheets is carried out depending on various parameters. The main ones are:

  • Material of production - steel grades that form the basis.
  • Manufacturing technology - hot or cold rolling methods.
  • Parameters - length, width, thickness.
  • Type of release - sheets, rolls.

Where to buy quality stainless steel sheets

By contacting the specialists of the company "Steel Invest", you can purchase metal products in any volume. You can place an order for both wholesale and retail consignments. The final cost of sheets is influenced by various factors - sheet type, rental parameters, order conditions, and others. There is an opportunity to purchase a batch of rolled metal products in an affordable price range with delivery to Russian regions.

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