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TMK has upgraded its production capacity in Romania

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TMK has upgraded its production capacity in Romania

pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) has implemented a number of investment projects on modernization of production facilities at the plant, TMK-ARTROM in Romania.

In particular, the reconstructed ring furnace with rotary hearth for heating of steel billets in the rolling mill. In addition to the comprehensive modernization of the furnace, it is equipped with new installation of gas flaring, and improved automatic control system. Applied in the course of modernization solutions will eliminate delays in the process of heating the workpiece and by reducing gas consumption by 20% will increase the efficiency of the furnace.

the Next project of modernization was the installation of modern truborezy machines to improve the performance of finish line trimming of the pipe ends. Commissioned two cars of German manufacture allow for trimming the ends of the pipe, thus reducing the time costs for this operation. The new equipment is fully automated and capable of cutting high-strength pipes made of premium steel grades coming from the heat treatment of the tubes running into operation at TMK-ARTROM in 2018. To date, finish line is able to process pipes with outer diameter from 60 to RUB 273.3 mm and wall thickness from 4 to 60 mm.

as part of the modernization of the plant's equipment was also introduced improvements in the output part of the piercing mill in the rolling line, which increased rolling length for a significant number of standard sizes of pipes. This will allow the plant to produce more long-size heavy-walled tubes that are in high demand in the market.

these projects modernization of production facilities at TMK-ARTROM was performed in the shortest possible time (5 weeks), their total value amounted to 6 million euros.

"upgraded fully in line with our strategy to increase the share of premium products and increase the flexibility of production of steel tubes industrial gauge. Thanks to investment in equipment and introduction of advanced technologies TMK-ARTROM strengthens its position in the niche of premium pipe manufacturers," — said General Director of TMK-ARTROM, the head of the European division of TMK Adrian Popescu.

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