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"Sibkabel" modernized extrusion line

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"Sibkabel" modernized extrusion line

At the "Sibkabel" (included in the "holding Cable Alliance", uniting cable assets UMMC) has upgraded extrusion line in shop No. 40, that will improve the quality of the products.

On the line is set to the high-tech extruder cost more than 20 million rubles. It is designed for insulation and sheath for wires and cables for rolling stock, oil-submersible electric pumps, control, RF, assembling of cables and transmission special purpose.

"Modern extruder can process the polymeric materials of various types of PVC compounds, halogen compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and polyethylene. They melt at a temperature of 200-250 degrees and evenly distributed in the conductor. The output we get high-quality insulation and sheath, resistant to damage and breakdown of the cable during the operation," - said the head of shop № 40 Sergey Osokin.

the New equipment is installed to replace an outdated model. Modern control system that reads the parameters of the product, will allow you to control the quality of products online.

due to the efficient heating system and temperature control the volume of recycling increased to 380 kg per hour, which increased the line capacity by 30%. The power consumption has been reduced by half. And thanks to the reduced diameter of the screw in the cylinder accumulates less material and waste volume was reduced by half.

"Shop № 40 monthly produces more than 700 km of cable of varying item. By increasing the line capacity we will be able to increase a portfolio of orders and reduce the time of their manufacture. Modernization covers all departments of the factory, because market demands are constantly growing, and we have to operate very quickly. In 2020, investments in production development reached 400 million rubles", - said Director of JSC "Sibkabel" Alexey Join.

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