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Severstal was the first steel company in the Russian Federation to become a supplier of ready-made shelving structures

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Severstal announces the completion of the delivery and installation of rack equipment under the first contract with the Lenta hypermarket chain. For the first time in the practice of Russian metallurgical companies, Severstal acted as a supplier of finished products from its own rolled metal products, namely, rack structures manufactured under a partnership scheme. Racks are not included in the assortment of the basic line of metal enterprises and are a new product for this market.

The partnership scheme of cooperation means interaction of the client-retail network directly with Severstal, which takes full responsibility for the quality of the finished product and guarantees the financial stability of the transaction regardless of the manufacturer partner involved.

As part of the implementation of the first contract with Lenta, together with the partner Mikron Experimental Plant, Severstal ensured the manufacture, supply and installation of a batch of racks for the equipment of the Lenta distribution center in St. -Petersburg with an area of ​​60 thousand square meters. m with a total of 63 thousand pallet spaces.

Cold-rolled, hot-rolled and etched steel produced by CherMK was used to implement the project. The production of semi-finished products was also ensured by attracting our own capacities: the cutting of coiled strip was performed by the service metal center "Severstal-SMTs-Vsevolozhsk" ... At the request of Lenta, the specialists of Severstal and Mikron carried out load tests of the racks. The finished structures were successfully tested, thereby confirming their readiness for operation. You can find out the details of this delivery and the benefits of a partnership cooperation scheme from the video at the link: https://youtu.be/edYMkFm9KME

Head of Development Department of Mikron Ivan Titov emphasized:

- First, cooperation with Severstal allows for close quality control, starting from the metal smelting stage. Thanks to constant interaction with the technical service of Severstal, the rolled metal products fully met the requirements of our equipment and, as a result, the conditions of the client. Secondly, working with Severstal as a financial operator of the deal allowed the trading company to get more flexible and favorable terms, including payment upon delivery. ”

Dmitry Ermolaev, Head of the Non-Commercial Procurement Department of the Lenta chain, explained:

“We open our hypermarkets all over the country and in each new region we face the problem of choosing a supplier of warehouse equipment, while the quality of rolled metal can only be verified in practice. In this case, Severstal undertakes the solution of the entire block of tasks, including the risks of production and installation, and at the same time acts as a guarantor of high quality rolled products. If we talk about the economic effect, on the example of this project we were able to optimize the costs of shelving by more than 5%, and these are very serious figures in absolute terms. "

Director of PJSC Severstal for work with companies in the construction industry Evgeny Chernyakov noted:

Severstal sees great prospects for the development of sales through a partnership scheme. We estimate the metal consumption of this direction for the supply of rack structures at 300-350 thousand tons annually. The new approach involves projecting a customer order for metallurgical production. This allows us to select the metal that best meets the requirements for the manufacture of such structures, to build optimal logistics and production scheme. The experience of the first delivery to Lenta served as the foundation for continuing cooperation with this retailer and for our company to enter new deals with other retail chains in Russia. ”

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