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TMK together with MMK-Informservice launched RPA software robot

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RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software robot has been put into commercial operation and is designed to collect and organize data for a weekly overview of the global drilling markets, prices for semi-finished steel and oil. It not only automatically collects and accumulates information from various information and analytical sources, but also conducts an initial check of the correctness of the collected information. Based on this information, the robot builds tables, graphs, diagrams to generate analytical reports. “TMK is actively introducing digital technologies into business processes at all levels: from production and sales to administrative tasks. RPA technologies are optimal for automating routine processes that we face in our daily work - they are capable of processing large amounts of data, self-learning and do not require significant investments in infrastructure. Together with partners from MMK-Informservice, we robotized the work of a marketer and achieved impressive results - the time for preparing a weekly report was reduced by five times, and our colleagues freed up resources to solve creative problems. Based on this experience, we plan to further develop robotization projects both through internal developments and solutions of partners ", - commented Dmitry Yakob, CIO of PJSC TMK." TMK is one of the key consumers of Magnitogorsk rolled metal among Russian pipe companies. MMK's cooperation with the Pipe Metallurgical Company began many years ago, - noted Vadim Feoktistov, Director of MMK-Informservice LLC - we are developing our joint activities in different directions, including in the field of digitalization. We hope that our experience in implementing RPA software robotization projects will be useful to our colleagues from PJSC TMK, and this project is just the beginning. "
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