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Severstal and iPavlov announced cooperation in the development of precision measuring systems

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PJSC Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, and the innovative AI company iPavlov (Aipavlov LLC, a spin-off from MIPT) signed a partnership agreement and the integration of scientific, technical and innovation potential.

The agreement confirms strategic scientific, technical and technological cooperation in 26 areas of development of precision measuring systems in the metallurgical industry. In particular, we are talking about the development of systems for monitoring residual stresses in the material, light spots, a system for automated non-destructive monitoring of the level of internal stresses in rolled metal and others.

At the moment, Severstal and iPavlov have identified two pilot projects. it is planned to develop a surface video inspection system for recognizing and classifying defects in cold-rolled steel, which will be distinguished by 100% automated control of the surface quality of the strip of produced rolled metal from both sides, without gaps and blind spots, cutting speed up to 6 m /s and a maximum roll width of 1600 mm; as well as recognition, counting and classification of defects according to the list of critical defects in the production of flat products. Secondly, by order of Aipavlov LLC, the Research Center of Shvabe JSC, MIPT will develop profilometers based on new physical principles with a line width of up to 700 mm. The main competitive advantage of the equipment should be high accuracy while maintaining the average cost price of the established economic limits of the client.

“The development of this area is in line with Severstal's digital transformation strategy. A significant increase in the quality of our products while reducing losses and production costs is impossible today without digital assistants - machine vision, artificial intelligence, complex systems.Such solutions allow us to improve industrial processes that require rapid analysis of a large amount of information, high accuracy and speed of measurements, flexibility and adjustment of algorithms for technological needs . The partnership agreement with iPavlov contributes to the modernization of the digital cadet of our company, and at the same time becomes an example of the search for scientific potential, innovative ideas and solutions in the field of AI for the implementation of the assigned tasks in Russia ", - said Petr Mishnev, Ph.D. tech. Sci., Director of Technical Development and Quality, Severstal Russian Steel Division.

“The AI ​​revolution generates a unique synthesis of software and hardware, creating“ smart products ”capable of interacting with an engineer via digital interfaces thanks to NLP and CV technologies ... AI contributes to the creation of new, domestic, cost-effective products, including in the metallurgical industry. The consistent strategy of MIPT, as a higher education institution 3.0, in terms of creating spin-off companies and SIC on the basis of Phystech, in the aggregate, ensuring the gold personnel potential of these structures, as well as the undeniable contribution of the enterprises of the Shvabe holding (UOMZ, ZOMZ, GIPO, SAPFIR, etc.) part of the development of a high level of R&D competencies, allowed iPavlov to accumulate potential in the scientific and technical sphere in 1.5 years, which the company is ready to offer to such backbone industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation as Severstal, together with the development of new, globally competitive devices, in particular measuring systems with economically beneficial parameters " , - commented Laurent Hakobyan, Ph.D. f.-m. n. General Director of iPavlov, Executive Director of the Research Center of Shvabe JSC at MIPT.

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