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I-beam, classification of types

Metal rolling

Products capable of withstanding significant tensile and compressive loads.

I-beam, classification of types

As, supporting or transverse bearing elements of metal structures, various types of rolled metal are used in their shape. Among them, the most popular is I-beam , the section profile of which has the shape of the letter "H ". This design provides the product:

  • High strength indicators, almost 7 times higher than the strength of analogs with a square section.
  • Sufficient rigidity and ability to withstand torsional loads in the longitudinal or transverse direction.

An additional advantage of the I-beam is its versatility. It is used in a wide variety of industrial and construction activities:

  • Support and cross beams of steel structures.
  • Fencing construction pits to prevent soil shattering.
  • Frames and temporary supports for future structures.
  • Beams and guides for cranes and lifting equipment.

At the same time, it should be noted that the production cost of the I-beam is lower due to the smaller amount of metal used in its production, as a rule, these are "black" and carbon grades.

Configuration options

I-beams are classified by types, as well as dimensional parameters of such structural elements as shelves (upper, lower) and a strip located to them (between them) perpendicularly. Distinguish:

  1. Wide shelf products - the width of the shelves is equal or slightly greater than the height of the element connecting them.
  2. Beam with sloped edges - the upper outer sides of the shelves are made in the same plane, and their inner parts have a slope - an extension that increases from the extreme point to the rack connecting the shelves. The absence of slopes makes it possible to classify such I-beams as "normal ".

The use of hardening technologies allows the production of high strength I-beams. Products capable of withstanding significant tensile and compressive loads. This type of rolled metal is designated "Beam " and "Column " I-beams.

You can get more information and order the desired type of I-beam using the official website of the company "MetalCor ", which supplies it from manufacturers. Purchase and delivery are processed online.

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