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Metalloinvest is the leader of Transparency International's anti-corruption research

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Metalloinvest received the highest possible score in a study conducted by the international agency Transparency International - R on the assessment of large business hotlines for whistleblowers. The study involved the 100 largest Russian companies in terms of revenue.

Allegations of corruption are one of the most important mechanisms for suppressing corruption schemes, and the availability of a hotline is a key element in ensuring ethical business practices and countering corruption.

“Creating a zero atmosphere tolerance and increasing the effectiveness of means of countering any manifestation of corruption is a daily, painstaking process that is in the focus of our constant attention, '' said Nazim Efendiyev, CEO of Metalloinvest. “We would like to thank the experts for their appreciation of our efforts to implement best practices and standards in this area." for reviewing messages to the authority, the opportunity to report corruption not only for employees, but also for counterparties and other persons, ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of messages, disclosing the procedure and terms for reviewing messages.

Earlier this year, Metalloinvest took the top spot Anti-corruption rating of Russian business - 2021, conducted by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). The company became the only organization without state participation in the top six with an A1 rating, which is awarded to organizations with the highest level of anti-corruption and the lowest level of associated risks.

For reference:

Transparency International - Russia is part of the international the Transparency International movement, created in 1993. The movement unites more than 100 independent organizations around the world.

100 companies operating in the Russian Federation and the largest in terms of revenue were selected for the study to assess the hotlines of large business for whistleblowers based on the annual RBC rating for 2020 year.

According to the research results, Metalloinvest scored 7 out of 7 possible points with an average result of 3.8.

TI-R research

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