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Printers for printing checks, price tags and labels

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Printers for printing checks, price tags and labels

For the convenience of buyers, warehouse and warehouse workers, without exception, all sold products are accompanied by price tags, receipts and labels, even if information about the product is available on its packaging. It is necessary to make new ones or change those that are no longer relevant (especially for price tags) almost daily. The process can be automated using a special receipt printer and labels, which is:

  • Classic printer equipment with compact dimensions.
  • A device that is connected to a computer to receive printable information in an appropriate design.

Just like with classic printers, the speed, print quality, and cost of technology depend on the principle of its design. The user can independently choose a model that meets the parameters and tasks that the device will perform during operation. There are the following types of receipt printers:

  1. Inkjet - equipped with a special cartridge, the ink from which is applied to the tape during printing. Replacing the cartridge is quite expensive, and ink on paper can smear when exposed to moisture.
  2. Matrix - they use a special ink ribbon, and the necessary information is stamped on it with a special needle. The device has a high noise level and a slow print speed.
  3. Thermal printers - characters are burned onto paper. The devices are easy to maintain and have high performance. Printed information on paper may fade when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The areas of use of receipt printers that do not require registration with the tax authorities are very diverse. Their use can significantly reduce the time for the production of price tags and information labels.

Choosing and buying

You can choose the desired printer model using the website of the A-Trade company, which supplies them to the domestic market. For an individual consultation, the resource provides an option to contact the manager. Purchases and deliveries are processed online. All products sold are guaranteed quality.

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