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Mining pneumatic winch

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Mining pneumatic winch

Mining and exploration work carried out by the mine method involves the lowering of equipment, as well as the raising of the working to the surface of the mine. For these purposes, a special mine winch, which is designed with taking into account the requirements of the miners themselves and the specifics of its practical application. It can also be used for transporting mine workings in trolleys on an inclined plane or in a straight line and when planting longwalls.

Technical characteristics and features of the mine winch

The main difference from other types of winches is that the mine model is a pneumatic equipment. It works due to the compressed air supplied to the unit (working pressure is 0.5 MPa). The convenience lies in the fact that the technology of rock mining by the mine method requires constant injection of compressed air into the passage to maintain the necessary climatic conditions in it. It is to the line from the working compressor that the mine winch is connected. Its main technical characteristics are as follows:

  • The maximum force generated is 390 N.
  • The working length of the steel cable is 153 m.
  • The speed of movement of goods (trolleys) is 0.25 m/s.

The developers paid special attention to the winch safety system. In addition to a strong cable and reliable equipment (drum, drive, frame and casing), it is equipped with 3 types of emergency braking at once:

  • Pneumatic service brake, operates in automatic mode and controls the speed of movement of loads.
  • Emergency or back-up brake.
  • Hand brake for emergency stop of drum rotation, actuated by lever.

You can get more detailed information and get acquainted with the characteristics of a pneumatic mine winch (abbreviation for the designation ShVA-1800 × 0.25P) using the website of the Ridder Mining Equipment Plant, which manufactures them on an industrial scale. This technical device has been factory tested and certified by an independent accredited laboratory. It has a quality guarantee and is supplied to customers on a contractual basis.

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