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Repair of electric motors

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Repair of electric motors

It is difficult to imagine the operation of industrial equipment without a high-quality electric motor. Usually this power unit does an excellent job with the tasks. However, sometimes it can fail, thereby rendering all industrial equipment unusable. On the site https://archi-bud.com.ua/ru / you can get acquainted with the types of work of electric motors and clarify the terms of cooperation.

Types of repairs to electric motors

Based on the rules for the operation of electrical equipment, there are two types of work of electric motors:

  • Current repairs, which are carried out on an individual basis. Breakdown can occur at the most unexpected moment. Therefore, timely repair will return the equipment to working condition. It consists of inspecting the unit, identifying defects in components. As part of the current repair, brushes are repaired, fans are cleaned, etc.
  • Overhaul, which is carried out on specialized electrical equipment. During it, the unit is completely disassembled, all inaccuracies in work are eliminated, worn parts are replaced with new ones.

Where can I order high-quality repairs of electric motors?

If you do not know where to order electric motor repair services, the following information is for you. Professionals of the company "Archi-bud" have a modern hardware base and the necessary tools to provide comprehensive services for the repair of motors. At the same time, they carry out repair work on electric motors of any complexity. The duration of such work is minimal. Services are carried out in several stages. After dismantling, a comprehensive diagnostics is carried out. All problems identified in the course of it are eliminated on-line. Next, the stator is rewound and the motor is assembled. The assembled engine is tested in all respects on specialized test benches.

To calculate the cost of the project, you can refer to the company's website. Here you can clarify the details, get acquainted with the list of types of services provided.

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