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Wells for cable laying from the company "Vionet"

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Wells for cable laying from the company "Vionet"

Telephone wells are widely used when laying or maintaining communication cables. They are part of the cable duct. So, KKS 2 cable well greatly facilitates all types of installation work that are carried out during the maintenance of cable structures. They are also required for control checks. Additional equipment can be installed in such wells.

Features of cable manholes KKS 2

Is it a task to purchase high-quality reinforced concrete viewing devices for communication networks? You can refer to the Vionet website. Here are cable communication wells in different modifications.

The installation of such structures is advisable in soils that are not aggressive for concrete. For example, the KKS2 80 GEK well model refers to shallow-depth structures. Its installation is expedient both on footpaths and on the roadway. You can also use floor slabs and heavy telephone hatches. The permissible load in this case is 14 tons. Unlike other models, its design is complemented by fundamental bolts and brackets.

Where can I order a KKS 2 cable well?

By contacting Vionet specialists, you can purchase reinforced concrete wells for laying communication lines with different technical parameters. Included with the model of the device is an instruction for assembly and installation, as well as repair of communication cable ducts. The package includes the upper and lower half of the well.

For the convenience of ordering, the actual cost is indicated on the website. You can place an order directly on the site by clicking on the "buy" button and indicating the number of cable wells. You should first familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and complete set of the well. Among the main technical parameters of the models are the length, width, height, weight of the models. The site shows the parameters for each model. If you have problems with the choice of models of telephone wells, you can contact the company's specialists. They will advise on the selection of suitable models.

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