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Screw pumps

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Screw pumps

If you need to pump the fluid, you will need specialized equipment. For these purposes, perfect pump for displacing liquid using the screw type rotors. Screw pumps from the company "TEKHNO Grupp" is the best solution for manufacturing enterprises. The company offers the supply in any quantities at affordable prices. On the website of the company https://tehnogrupp.com/katalog/nasosy-po-tipu/vintovye-nasosy you can see the conditions of the order screw pumps and to pick up the necessary model of the series.

Select screw pumps Seepex

Pumping of viscous liquids — the main purpose of the Seepex pumps. With a task they do it without compromising quality. It ensures gentle and uniform process of pumping without pulsation. This brand occupies the leading position among companies specializing in pumping technology.

Series screw pumps Seepex

Selection of the best model you can maintain depending on the goals and objectives of a particular enterprise. To meet the needs of customers, manufacturers have developed a series of Seepex pumps, which are oriented to the specific needs and requirements. So, customers can choose the model the following series:

  • Standard pump N series, widely used in many industrial and manufacturing spheres of human activity.
    • Series D involves the issue of metering pumps. Are used in environments with high or low viscosity with solid content.
      • In food, pharmaceutical and other industries widely used models of the CS series. Here in the first place is sterility, cleanliness and strict compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms.
        • T Series with an open hopper for handling viscous and semi-solid substances.
          • semi-Submersible model series E
            • Model series W vortex stator for use in many industrial sectors.

            Therefore, the best option is not difficult. It is necessary to consider the type and amount of fluid, scope of application and other factors. To select the screw pump is enough to visit the website of the company.

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