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Custom-made aluminium profile pipe

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Custom-made aluminium profile pipe

metal Products are in great demand in many areas of manufacturing and industry. Due to the wide range it can be used to organize the uninterrupted work in the construction, manufacturing and other industries. One type of tubular metal is aluminum pipe. It can be done with different types of section. Appealing to the specialists of the company"TATPROF", you can order a batch of aluminum round pipe in any quantity and at an affordable price.

Features of custom-made aluminium profile pipes

the Main criteria that you should look for when choosing aluminum pipe, are overall dimensions, including length and thickness. On this basis, formed assortment of pipes. So customers can pick up the pipe in this modification, in which it is ideal to accomplish goals and objectives. Products comes with a guarantee. She has certificates of quality, which certainly shows its long service life and high performance characteristics.

application field of aluminum pipe

Among the most popular applications of tubes with a circular cross section it is possible to allocate the laying of the pipeline in the food industry, furniture production, development of cooling systems, machines and frames, advertising boards, decorative purposes and other productive spheres.

How to order aluminum round pipe

when Ordering a tube with a circular cross section, it is possible to start from the table provided on the website of the company. To order options available, differing in length, width and diameter. So, it is possible to purchase a profile pipe in size from 8 to 150 mm. thickness of the products can vary in the range from 1 to 10 mm. the Length can be 3000 mm or 6000 mm. the Selection of profile depends on customer's project. Assuming, for what purposes do you need pipe rolling, it is possible to find the optimal solution.

table dimensions submitted indicating the cost for each type. The cost depends on parameters such as length, thickness of the product.

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