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Severstal announces a contest of creative projects "Style steel"

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PAO Severstal announces the annual competition of creative projects for children and
youth Cherepovets "Style steel".

the Competition is held with the participation of the mayoralty of Cherepovets, "Media Center", the company
TUI Russia, Central metallurgical industry, Cherepovets Museum
enterprises, charity Fund "Culture and children" and is devoted to the 65 anniversary from
the day of the first iron smelting at Cherepovets steel mill.

the theme of the competition in 2020 - the "Steel city history: people, events, time."
Participants can be students of Cherepovets in two age groups of 11
to 18 years of age (11-13 and 14-18 years). The competition is held in three stages.

Applications for the contest will be an essay, telling about relatives, neighbors, friends
– rank-and-file workers whose lives are connected with Cherepovets steel
plant, or about people who played a significant role in the development of both plant and
the city, the memory of which is immortalized in street names, commemorative plaques for the

the Winners in each age group will have the opportunity to visit
as tourists one of the cities of Russia. Top prizes provided by the partner
of the competition is the tour operator TUI Russia.

the competition will End with the creation of the electronic version of the topical route
(maps), streets, facilities in the city of Cherepovets 1950-70's.

"For us it is important that the guys met with a significant event of our
country of Vologda and Cherepovets – the construction of Cherepovets.
metallurgical plant. The company this year will mark 65 years since the release of
the first iron smelting. It is therefore imperative that young cherepovchane have understood,
how big is the contribution of previous generations to the development of his native city,"
says the head of CSR and brand of the company "Severstal" Natalia

"TUI Russia supports competition for the fifth year in a row, and we are very happy that
this year it is dedicated to the anniversary of the plant. I hope that the competition
will promote a new production route developed by
the Center of the steel industry. And the map, which will be
the final competition will help tourists visiting Cherepovets, you better get to know the city
and located in its history," commented CEO TUI
Russia Taras Demura.

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