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Company metalloinvest and the Administration of Kursk region signed a social partnership programme for 2020

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Company metalloinvest and the Administration of Kursk region signed a social partnership programme for 2020

Company metalloinvest, the Kursk region Administration and Zheleznogorsk have signed the programme of activities of the socio-economic partnerships (EPAS) for 2020. Signatures under the document were put by Governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit, Director General of the company "metalloinvest" Andrey Varichev, and head of Zheleznogorsk Dmitry Kotov. Investments of the parties in the framework of the EPAS 2020 will amount to 1.5 billion rubles, of which 827 million rubles – the contributions of metalloinvest.

"We are grateful to metalloinvest for the contribution the company makes to the economic and social welfare of the region. We work together on the implementation of the tasks set by the President, on development of industrial potential, social infrastructure, creation of comfortable environment for life of people", - said the Governor of the region Roman Starovoit.

"the Wellbeing of our employees is the priority of the Company, - said General Director UK "metalloinvest" Andrey Varichev. In partnership we develop a comfortable urban environment of the city, create new opportunities for the health, education, personal development and sports to residents of the city."

"Effective work of Mikhailovsky GOK is making an important contribution to the sustainable development of the Kursk region, - said managing Director of MMPP Anton Zakharov. In the framework of the business strategy of the company we implement projects aimed at improving competitiveness, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness of production, creation of new jobs. In 2019, the tax payments of Mikhailovsky GOK in the consolidated budget of the Kursk region amounted to about 13 billion rubles. The success of the enterprise is a credit to the people who are working on it. Therefore, we strive to create for people the best conditions for life in the land of Kursk".

"For Zheleznogorsk metalloinvest is a reliable Foundation partner in solving large-scale problems, as well as collective, in the tradition of which is high professionalism, responsible work, sponsorship of social institutions, philanthropy and volunteering. Of all citizens I Express my heartfelt gratitude for this work", - concluded the ceremony of signing the EPAs for the year 2020, the head of Zheleznogorsk Dmitry Kotov.

the Main directions of EPAS - support for education, culture, sports, health.

Will be reconstructed and new equipment child dental clinic – to improve the quality of services and to ensure comfortable conditions for young residents of Zheleznogorsk.

hospitals and hospital Zheleznogorsk is planned to purchase high-tech diagnostic equipment.

Important for Zheleznogorskaya medicine aspect – involvement of personnel. In the framework of the EPAS plan to provide customized incentive packages six specialists to work in the children's clinic of Zheleznogorsk and the district hospital.

In the sphere of education funds will be directed to complete the equipment of new objects: school №14 and the children of Technopark "Kvantorium". The agreement foresees the construction of a kindergarten for 370 seats in the district No. 13.

the company invests in the development of the urban environment of the city, improvement of city Park. N. And. Nikitin. Here will be renovated summer theatre.

the Company Also will Finance the purchase of low-floor bus for Zheleznogorsk.

an Important place in BOT is a cultural and sports projects implemented by metalloinvest, together with the Charity Fund "Art, science and sport".

Company metalloinvest acts as a partner of the regional areas of the Federal project "the Big story", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. In the framework of the project in the Kursk region is the restoration of monuments to heroes of the great Patriotic war, contests and festivals, planned action "Bench heroes" and the exhibition "Woman in war", sporting events.


the program of the Sep in the Kursk region – 10 years

for the First time the signing of the tripartite Agreement on social partnership between metalloinvest and the administrations of the city and region took place on 18 February 2011. This program has become the second social budget of the city of miners of Zheleznogorsk. Annually document introduces the current direction of investment.

So, within EPA or with partial involvement of the programme in Zheleznogorsk opened: the ice complex "Jubilee", kindergarten No. 2 and No. 4, sports complex "Start". The reconstruction of the stadium "Gornyak" built several multi-purpose sports grounds and over 100 children's playgrounds in neighborhoods. Are grants and programs "School of communal good", "let's Do it together!" "A healthy child", "don't!"

an Important part of the partnership and the programme for the settlements of the Zheleznogorsk district. Their implementation annually 20 million rubles.

Just ten years investments of the company in the framework of the Sep amount to 6.5 billion rubles taking into account the target for 2020.

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