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Services SRT "FordService" in Kiev

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Services SRT "FordService" in Kiev

Owners of Ford, had time to appreciate the build quality and design of the famous American brand. Indeed, the cars of this manufacturer are very popular around the world. However, spare parts for Ford and any other brand as they wear, can come into disrepair. The best solution in this situation — an appeal to the professional automotive service specializing in Ford models. For example, automatic transmission repair Ford can be done by becoming a customer of STO "FordService" in Kiev.

Repair and maintenance of the transmission Ford

On the drivetrain in the car is assigned is quite important. With its help, the transmitted torque to the wheels of the motor vehicle. In the course of long operation of this mechanism can fail, making it impossible to control the car. Experienced professionals STO in Kiev, ready to perform the repair and maintenance of the transmission at any time. Work in this area include a wide range of tasks. Among them are the installation of the transmission, the replacement of seals and cables, repair drive shafts and the gear shift mechanism. A detailed list of services can be found on the website of the service station.

Where in Kiev to replace the oil in the gearbox?

Perhaps, every car owner is ever faced with the need to replace oil in the gearbox. This procedure is strictly regulated by the manufacturer. The mistaken belief that the oil might not change the whole lifetime of the gearbox. The oil in the transmission has its own resources and after a certain time must be replaced.

the owners of the cars of the brand Ford is also aware of the need for timely replacement of oil in the transmission. This service is provided by experts "FordService" online. Here oil change is carried out with the use of high quality consumable fluids from reputable manufacturers. Strictly take into account the tolerance specifications. The procedure requires a responsible approach and compliance with established guidelines. Therefore, in order to preserve the health of the transmission the optimal solution of this oil change is to appeal to specialized professionals.

cooperation with the STO beneficial for the following reasons:

  • high-Quality selection of original spare parts for model a Ford.
    • the Opportunity to order the necessary parts from anywhere in the country.
      • Repair, maintenance and Troubleshooting.
        • Affordable pricing.
          • the Execution of services in the shortest possible time.
            • Work with almost all models of Ford: Focus, EsCape, Fiesta and other.

            Thus, treatment of "FordService" in Kiev — is an opportunity for all owners of American cars to services of appropriate quality at affordable prices. On the company's website for customer convenience available contacts specialist maintenance and repair. This allows you to ask a question online. Reviews about the STO also posted on the website and available for review.

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