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BMC prepares to launch a new grinding equipment

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Beloretsk metallurgical plant (JSC "BMK", included in the Group "Mechel") is preparing to launch a new equipment for processing of steel billets. This will allow to produce products with higher quality characteristics. The total cost of the lines is about 28 million rubles.

Two new lentochnopilnyj machines of the Italian company Eurodraw Wire Equipment installed in the workshop of cold-rolled tape No. 12 under the project for modernization of steel wire and rope production BMK. The new equipment, which completely removes rust and minor surface defects with a wire rod (wire rod), coated to the stability of the drawing process wire rod. The design capacity of one line of up to 1.8 tonnes of wire rod per hour. The equipment will be put into operation after start-up and adjustment works together with the specialists of the manufacturer.

"last year the plant has introduced this shop on a number drawing plant nodes of the mechanical descaling (okalinolomatel). It is allowed to refuse a chemical method of removing scale using the acid. The launch of the new lentochnopilnogo equipment will be the final stage of modernization of this plant", – said General Director of JSC "BMK" Sergei Fedorov.

the Project for upgrading of wire-cable production BMK cost of 1.5 billion rubles is being implemented with the support of the Fund development industry of the Russian Federation. The period of implementation until 2023. It provides technical re-equipment of a number of steel-wire shops with the launch of the new drawing machines and auxiliary equipment, reconstruction recycling and the installation of a new wastewater treatment steel wire and rope production.

the Company Wire Equipment Eurodraw (Italy) – one of the famous European manufacturers of various machines for metal production industries.


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