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Severstal presents customers an expanded line of online services

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PAO "Severstal" represents the full cycle of electronic
document management from the contract and signing the order to send
electronic certificates of quality and all accounting documents.
This allows the customers to monitor all stages of the
coordination of the ordering, issuing to production and shipment.

online store
provides a wide range of possibilities. It not only search the catalog
products and simplified ordering, but comfortable private office, where for a
couple of clicks you can sign a contract, register a consignee
to view reports on orders, shipment or payment,
keep track of the cars, as well as the ability to upload key documents. According to the results of
the first quarter of 2020 in the online shop of "Severstal" was posted orders
380 thousand tons.

document management
(EDO) allows you to almost completely switch to the remote
not only accounting, but also the purchasing Department. In addition to the
closing documents (invoices, consignment notes or DFC) through the EDO
you can sign the supply agreement, any additional agreement to it, or
Protocol of price changes. It does not require complex it integration: every
customer can work directly in the personal account of the operator of the EDO (for example,
VLSI), sign and download documents. Also
in DEADOK have the option of signing documents using

the smartphone app
that is another step to mobility

Electronic exchanges
(EDI) is a service to exchange electronic documents directly
between the it systems of the buyer and the supplier. With it no longer
need to login to your account, enter through a search engine the item
of the order or send the order by email. The client is in your
system click "Send via EDI" and the order is passed to it.
vendor for production. The service accelerates the process of order processing and
eliminates errors of manual input the name of the item and its quantity
reduces the time to create documents in the accounting system and, as a consequence,
accelerates the process of shipping and receiving of goods. For the first quarter of 2020.
through EDI of orders were placed on 114 thousand tons.

Official account
"Severstal" WhatsApp is a simple way employee
of the purchasing Department to obtain information about the location of the ordering 24/7.
just enter the order number and the chat-bot will automatically bring the main
current information: about the planned date of production, quantity of product on
the redistribution of the volume of shipment positions. Also in WhatsApp from a specialist
contact centre you can get advice on a wide range of issues
such as the availability of metal stock, production capabilities, and
to ask questions about the work of the online store.

customers can connect to email-informing, where it will
contain information about orders expiring signature / approval
on orders data with an offset time of production, notification of availability of
metal for pickup and shipment of metal from vehicles, etc. For
signing for the newsletter, please contact your Manager, a specialist
Contact center by writing to
e-commerce@severstal.com or
call the toll free number 8-800-200-69-39.

"the Company "Severstal" is engaged in development of e-Commerce last
few years, and during that time we were able to provide a full cycle service
online customers. Today, the role of online services not only from
the convenience and safety. The creation of additional benefits and
new services for a more close and effective cooperation with customers
is one of the priority areas. For "Severstal" it is important
that customers do not see a fundamental difference when ordering steel products;
this process needs to be as comfortable and convenient as buying
online goods and services in everyday life. We regularly hold
of thematic webinars with participation of employees of "Severstal", where customers can
solve their concerns on the spot or to make a proposal to
the need of implementation of a particular service," commented Director
marketing and improving customer experience of the company "Severstal" Maria

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