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Manufaktura jaccard: professional tree

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Manufaktura jaccard: professional tree

a company That uses innovative methods of working wood. In the Park there are 4 CNC machine and laser 3, which handle not only the plywood, but MDF, acrylic, composites. The company employs specialists with higher technical education, with experience with laser.

Laser cut plywood

Processing of plywood on the machines is carried out on the CNC and laser. This precision equipment, allowing to achieve a high finish. Depending on the density of the wood sets the corresponding laser mode. Professional laser cutting plywood eliminates the marriage work. Specialist monitors the presence of knots, irregularities, and air cooling of the treatment site.


Products are widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction industry, finishing of walls of commercial enterprises and as a decorative items:

    • cards;
      • supports;
        • signs;
          • Souvenirs.

During the repair of an apartment or update home interior applying decorative wooden lamp in the form of a lamp, depicting a donkey or another animal; made of laser-eyed owl or flower decorative air created by the laser, will enliven the space and bring personality home. Cutting boards, wall shelves, decorative wall panels with a pattern. Baby doll fishnet furniture made from plywood with a laser will bring your child pleasure, whether it's dressers, crib or house.

Cutting the tree ennobles creates an atmosphere, provides a woodsy aroma, creates environmental style.

the company's Specialists can produce accessories and wooden decor for office, business. Work is conducted on coniferous wood. They are easier to laser processing, rather than deciduous. If the customer will provide their material to handle, the experts will assess the complexity and work time. Processing of wood across a lot harder than along.

Manufactory jaccard manufactures wooden screen. Their variety of patterns and sizes are in a wide range. They allow you to separate a huge area of the apartment or, on the contrary, a small on a comfortable zone to separate the kitchen area from the hall, the Cabinet of the playing.

experts of the company can manufacture wooden boxes, trays, curved silicone products, wall decor solid wood, corporate gifts engraved.

Professionals can make the treatment of metals, engraving on wood and metal, to develop corporate gifts and necessary products of wood and brass.

Order laser cutting you can visit Manufaktura jaccard and call the Manager for advice. The company accepts individual orders according to customer's drawings, as well as wholesale orders. Manufaktura jaccard provides reasonable prices; wholesalers and regular customers flexible prices.

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