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Mineral wool heat-insulating cylinders

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Mineral wool heat-insulating cylinders

The times when glass wool, harmful to the human respiratory system, was used as thermal insulation for pipeline systems, which was applied to pipes and secured with wire, are in the distant past. Today, the following are successfully used for these purposes:

At the same time, the reinforcement of these products with an outer layer of aluminum foil significantly increases not only the thermal insulation parameters, but also increases their operational life. The longitudinal cut makes installation quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach places.

Classification of insulating cylinders

Heat-insulating cylinders and other components made of mineral (stone) wool for pipeline systems are selected according to the dimensional parameters of the pipes to be insulated. At the enterprise that manufactures these products, products are classified according to the criteria:

  • Outer layer thickness - from 20 to 350 mm.
  • The inner diameter of the cylinder is from 18 to 1450 mm.

For more information on the types and characteristics, please visit the official website of the plant for thermal insulation materials AMAX ". On the pages of the resource catalog, all products manufactured by the enterprise and sold regardless of the buyer's region in the online format are presented. For consultation on the main page of the portal there is an option of contacting a technical manager, which is available without prior registration to any interested client.

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