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Paton mobile semiautomatic welding machine

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Paton mobile semiautomatic welding machine

The processing technology (cut, fixation, fastening) of parts (workpieces) made of metals or various alloys using electric welding equipment is still in demand and not only in a factory, production environment. The so-called "handicraft" specialists and small entrepreneurs are happy to use it in their "creative" ideas or services provided, for example:

  • Body repair of cars and various equipment.
  • Arrangement of watering and water supply systems.
  • Erection of metal structures for various purposes.
  • Seasonal roofing works.

And for all of the listed applications, there is no urgent need for bulky units. So, compact and efficient devices produced by the well-known developer of welding equipment "Paton" can easily cope with the tasks listed. They are presented in a wide range on the supplier's website, the official online store of which is called " Pan Zvaryuvalnik " ... Particular attention on the pages of its virtual catalog deserves such novelties as welding semiautomatic devices. Their dignity and advantage have already been appreciated by many professional welders, and the simplicity of the device allows even “home craftsmen” to use them at the household level.

Why semiautomatic

The principle of operation of a classic welding machine lies in the high temperature that forms at the end of the consumable electrode when the operator closes a kind of circuit between the equipment and the workpiece. With this process you can:

  • Cut or "pierce" a metal surface.
  • Weld metal parts together.

The fundamental difference between the semiautomatic welding machine and conventional equipment is the use, instead of the traditional electrode, of a special wire, which is mechanically fed to the place of impact on the metal in automatic mode, as it burns out. The operator only needs to confidently guide the torch tip in the specified direction of the cut or joint, obtaining an ideally high-quality and reliable seam (even cut).

At the same time, Paton welding machines are equipped with a transformer of the inverter principle of operation, which allows the frequency of the applied voltage is up to 5 kW of power, even taking into account its compact dimensions. For example, the weight of the simplest and most affordable model VDI-MINI DC MMA is just over 3 kg. This allows them to be used even in the field (at mobile repair shops) or when performing high-altitude work.

You can get more complete information about Paton welding equipment, as well as purchase the required model of the device, using the online store of the official supplier. All products presented in the catalog fully comply with the declared technical parameters and have a manufacturer's quality guarantee.

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