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Upgrade of popular Sandvik Coromant holders with high-precision coolant delivery

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Sandvik Coromant, an expert in cutting tools and tool systems, has upgraded the Coromant Capto ® T-Max P ® holders, which are now available with an internal high-precision top and bottom coolant supply.

Updating this group of tools will ensure efficient heat removal from the cutting area and improve the durability and quality of machining parts made of alloyed and hard-to-work materials, such as ISO-S, -M and-P groups.

It is important to understand that operations such as turning alloyed and hard-to-work materials create a high load on the cutting edge of the tool and this leads to an increase in the heat load on the cutting plates, and turning tools with nozzles for high-precision coolant supply to the cutting area are able to control chip breaking and increase the efficiency of heat exchange at the same time, providing reliable and high-quality processing.

In addition, the coolant provides control over the temperature of the tool and, accordingly, its high and predictable durability, which also has a positive effect on the quality of the treated surface.

The upper coolant supply increases the reliability of the process and improves chip formation, extending the time range when the process does not require human intervention, while the lower coolant supply is designed to increase the resistance of the cutting plates by 20%, and with an increase in cutting speed, it will also reduce the cost of processing the part, while maintaining full control over the wear of the plates on the back surface.

To date, Coromant Capto ® holders T Max P ® is the largest and one of the most popular groups of Sandvik Coromant turning tools on the market. They are the optimal solution for the most common T-Max ® P turning plates, which are designed for high-performance turning in modern production. At the same time, the Coromant Capto ® modular quick-change system allows you to use a wide range of adapters and implement assemblies from tools of different lengths and designs, to reduce the cost of tooling and its unification.

The new holders are available in two versions: with a lever clamp (P-type) for turning medium and large-sized parts, and with a high-rigidity clamp (CoroTurn ® RC) for increased stability.

"We first appreciated the benefits of high-precision coolant delivery more than a decade ago, and have been using it in all of our products ever since. The most eloquent example of the advantages of this option is the example of one of our customers, who recorded an increase in productivity of 180% and tool life of 263% after switching from the previous traditional solution with abundant coolant supply to optimized tools with high-precision pressure supply, " said Vladimir Sutyagin, Leader of the product and industrial segment management team at Sandvik Coromant Russia.

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