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MMK and ZTZ agree to phase out paperwork by the end of 2021

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On Tuesday August 18, the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and the Zagorsk Pipe Plant signed an agreement of intent to fully switch to electronic document management by the end of 2021. The document was signed as part of the first online coordination council, which took place on August 17-18. As part of the agreements, the companies intend to implement a number of joint projects in the field of digitalization, which will allow solving this problem on time. Electronic document flow will affect such areas as the exchange of logistics documents at the level of corporate information systems using EDI technology (Electronic data interchange), legally significant electronic document flow with the integration of Kontur.Diadok, as well as solving financial issues using the Counter Factoring electronic platform.

MMK's first online coordination council was attended by Deputy General Director for Sales Sergei Ushakov, Head of Marketing Denis Chernenko and a number of other specialists, from ZTZ - General Director Denis Safin, Managing Director Andrey Lyaskovsky, COO Sergei Lyakh, Deputy Commercial Director Yuri Vinnikov, as well as a number of specialized specialists. For the first time, the Coordination Council was fully held online, without delegations visiting production sites due to restrictive measures in force on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In addition to signing an agreement on a complete transition to digital workflow, within the framework of the Coordination Council the companies also discussed a number of issues aimed at improving the efficiency of interaction. Among the key ones are the development of promising steel grades, a reduction in costs in the production and transportation of rolled products, as well as the prospect of steel supplies from the 2500 mill after its reconstruction.

Director of MMK-Informservice LLC Vadim Feoktistov: “MMK has serious experience in the implementation of electronic document management - in addition to the fact that we successfully use the electronic document management system in 44 organizations of the Group and more than 10 thousand employees work in it, we share our experience with the market. We have created a unique product - the ATACH electronic document management system, which is currently being offered to customers. The refusal from paper and the transition to electronic document circulation has made it possible to seriously accelerate the movement of information flows, work with documents takes less time and becomes more efficient. Now this important aspect of digital transformation will also affect our cooperation with one of MMK's key partners - Zagorsk Pipe Plant. I am confident that the transition to electronic document management will increase the efficiency of joint work of our enterprises. ”

Andrei Lyaskovsky, Managing Director of Zagorsk Pipe Plant : “This time, for the first time, we held an online coordination council. I note that this did not affect the quality and speed of resolving issues within the framework of the discussion in the working groups. Rather, on the contrary - we see only the advantages of this format. The signing of an agreement on the transition to electronic document management by the end of 2021, which we also concluded in an online format, within the framework of this council, was also a landmark fact. MMK is a strategic partner for us, and the volume of document flow arising in the framework of cooperation is serious. His move to digital rails will allow us to focus on the more important issues of improving overall efficiency. In the near future, the information technology blocks of both companies will begin substantive work within the digitalization of workflow. "

The next coordination council will be held in March 2021. Presumably, the remote format of the council will continue in future meetings.

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