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TMK Improves Sales Process with New Digital SAP Products

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Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) has started implementing a new digital system in order to further improve the sales process and work with customers. Such a solution, based on an innovative software system from SAP, is one of the first to be implemented in the CIS. The project partner was CLARITY.

The complex will combine all communication channels with the consumer, make the planning and sales control process as transparent, functional and flexible as possible. The system will be built using solutions for seamless interaction with a client SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) and an IT product for generating price and commercial proposals SAP CPQ (Configure Price Quote Solution).

New products will be integrated into existing TMK information systems, which will allow you to quickly exchange information about customers, orders, production planning and shipment. In addition, the system will be integrated with e-mail and TMK's online store.

The project will be implemented in three stages. At the first stage, it is planned to automate sales and service processes for companies in the industrial and sectoral sector, as well as major distributors. At the second and third stages, sales and service processes for oil companies and companies from far abroad will be digitized.

The next step in the development of this project will be the introduction of a system for processing tender documents. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this solution will allow TMK to significantly reduce the time spent on processing and preparing responses to tenders.

“The introduction of new cloud solutions at TMK is one of the stages of the company's global strategy of transition to new models of business processes, management and production planning methods. The main goal is to create a single information space for the manager when interacting with the consumer, as well as to simplify communication when processing orders and requests with other services of the company. The new system will become a reliable tool for us that will unite disparate information flows and allow sales managers to work more efficiently, ”said Andrey Parkhomchuk, TMK Deputy General Director for Commerce.

“ This project is a vivid example of how high-quality work with the consumer can become the key to sustainability and effective adaptation to changes. TMK is one of the first in the CIS to implement the SAP CPQ solution, once again making a choice in favor of innovation. The project will serve as an example for companies in all industries. It will show how high-quality, convenient and transparent the process of interaction with a client can be, as well as how quickly and correctly it is possible to create price and commercial offers, ”emphasized Alexey Leontovich, Deputy General Director of SAP CIS.

TMK is improving the process Sales with New SAP Digital Products

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