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Metalloinvest introduces a digital railway transport management system

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At the Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (part of the Metalloinvest company), the pilot operation of an automated railway transport control system (ACS) is being successfully carried out. In the cabins of 52 traction units, equipment is installed that transmits in real time information about the status and location of the vehicle to the control center. As a result, an interactive map is created that is available to all employees involved in the transportation of ore. The dispatcher sees each stage of the unit's operation, the speed of decision-making and planning efficiency increases, and the safety of transportation increases.

Previously, less than half of all data on the position and status of the objects of the mining transport complex entered the information systems of the combine ... The proposed solution changes the situation and completely eliminates the manual input of information, ensures its prompt transfer.

The whole complex is a unique development of the specialists of Metal-Tech LLC and the Metalloinvest Innovation Laboratory. The team designed the architecture of a scalable end-to-end solution, developed communication interfaces, software, and designed and manufactured printed circuit boards. It took about 7 months to develop.

Flexible architecture of the project allows you to connect additional external discrete and analog sensors, upgrade the complex for solving various problems. Already, it is planned to expand the project to the excavator fleet of LGOK, which is involved in loose and rock overburden. Meetings are held with the specialists of Mikhailovsky GOK named after M. A.V. Varichev on sharing experience and assessing the applicability of the solution at the plant.

The initial idea of ​​the project was proposed by engineers Sergei Lemekhov and Vladimir Alyokhin at the forum of youth initiatives, and in 2019 their technical solution took second place in the innovation competition held by JSA Group (part of the multidisciplinary IT group IKS Holding ”) held among the employees of Metalloinvest.

The digital transformation program has been implemented at Metalloinvest since 2017. Its goals are the transition to a unified information ecosystem, the automation of business processes, the introduction of innovative technologies.

The implementation of the automated control system of the railway is included in one of the most significant projects of the program - "Digital Career". Automation of processes and the use of innovative technologies will provide the possibility of flexible planning and correction of the production chain at any site in real time.

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