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Severstal announces re-positioning and brand renewal

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PJSC Severstal, within the framework of a large-scale online conference for clients and partners, announced the renewal of the company's brand and its philosophy. The renewed brand fully reflects the changes that have taken place in Severstal over the past two years: the internal processes and approaches have been significantly transformed in order to contribute to the success of the company's clients. In its investment program, Severstal has placed particular emphasis on projects aimed at expanding its product line and improving product quality. So, in 2018 -2020. the company's total investment in development projects in dowstream will exceed $ 600 million, in addition, a whole range of new services was launched, new models of customer interaction were introduced. Substantial changes in the company's operations have become the basis for repositioning Severstal in the eyes of an external audience.

As part of the rebranding, the already well-known Severstal slogan - "To achieve more together" - takes on a completely new meaning. The constant striving for improvement, inherent in the first part of "achieving more", becomes, first of all, a tool for achieving common success with clients and partners, which is reflected in the second part - "together".

The brand idea sounds new Severstal as a company - “we exist to build on your success, constantly improving and discovering new opportunities together.” All the strategic priorities of the company are laid down here, with an emphasis on excellent customer experience as the basis of the brand and new opportunities as tools for achieving it.

The renewed visual style of the company reflects the attributes dictated by the idea of ​​the brand - reliability, dynamism, technological progress, brightness, openness, flexibility, unification. For more information on the updated visual style, see the link.

The development of the new brand was carried out in partnership with LANDOR & FITCH, an international agency specializing in brand design and customer experience.

Alexander Shevelev , CEO of Severstal:

Severstal aims to become the first choice company for our customers, partners and employees. We are constantly improving our work with clients, offering them unique integrated solutions, open to creating long-term partnerships, entering new markets with niche offers, studying new technologies and materials, creating digital platforms that are in demand on the market. Cooperation with Severstal means convenience, speed and efficiency, thanks to the use of a whole range of digital services and offers, often typical for B2C. We are pleased to present our updated brand to our clients, partners, investors and employees. First of all, it is intended to make our strategy, goals and ambitions more visible. This is a powerful signal to our customers, partners, society in general that we are open to cooperation and problem solving. We are focused on innovation and development for the end result primarily for customers and consumers, not just for ourselves. We believe that Severstal is more than just a steel company. Severstal is a company that creates value for customers and partners through our innovative solutions and solutions beyond the foundations. Severstal is the leader in the metallurgy of the future! ".

Oleg Kuzmin, CEO, LANDOR & FITCHMoscow:

The transformation of the Severstal brand is a big a step of the brand on the way to realizing its ambition. The new brand platform, architecture and visual identity will give a new impetus to the implementation of the business strategy, highlight the company in the local and global markets, as well as support the launch and promotion of products and services with high added value, which will subsequently reveal the potential and affect the company's results. "

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