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Wardrobes to order in Moscow

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Wardrobes to order in Moscow

The presence of a high-quality and aesthetically attractive wardrobe in a residential building is a sign of wealth. Therefore, many housewives prefer to equip the dressing room according to the latest fashion trends. Wardrobes made of solid wood to order is a demanded service from the Russian Craft company, which follows the link https://rusremeslo.ru/mebel/garderob/ offers a wide range of services for making wardrobes to order.

Solid wood wardrobes: main features

The essential advantages of ordering wardrobes from this company are:

  • Having our own modern production facility.
  • Guaranteed quality products.
  • Projects of any complexity with the use of any type of finish.
  • Execution of all turnkey services, from project design development to installation.
  • High-quality and accurate assembly of finished products.
  • The use of high quality environmentally friendly materials.

Thus, clients can receive a wide range of diverse services for the manufacture of custom-made wardrobes.

Custom wardrobe types

Open wardrobes are very popular. These are, in fact, shelves and cabinets for storing and placing personal items. According to the design, they have no doors, so all the contents are in plain sight. You can also consider a closed type option. It has doors that close the wardrobe, thereby hiding the contents from prying eyes.

Also very popular are models of wardrobes with sliding and hinged doors, shelving and other types. Many people prefer men's or women's sections, in which you can store all the essentials of things.

Basic set of wardrobes

Pull-out shelves, pantographs, built-in lighting, pull-out shoe shelves, sliding systems, etc. are used as accessories in wardrobes. At the request of customers, German and Italian fittings and other finishing elements are used.

Delivery of products is carried out by our own vehicles. Samples of the facade, cornices and other elements can be found in detail. For more information, please visit the website.

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