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How to sell and buy gold, as well as other precious ones with maximum profit in Ukraine?

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How to sell and buy gold, as well as other precious ones with maximum profit in Ukraine?

At all times, gold and other precious metals were of great value and served as an excellent asset for accumulating savings. By far, gold is one of the best physical assets for long-term investment. But at the moment when the owner needs to exchange gold for money, it is very important to do it with maximum profit, without losing on commission and rate differences. What must you do before selling?

The first thing worth paying attention to is the current rate of gold, even if the world market is a favorable time for the metal, this does not mean at all that it will be possible to sell at the same rate. The important stages, without which it will not be possible to sell, will be the assessment and examination of the product. Those who want to sell not bank gold, but various products made from it, should approach the assessment even more scrupulously.

Where can I go to sell gold and precious metals?

To answer this question, you need to determine what exactly needs to be sold. Bars, gold jewelry, Swiss watches, coins or scrap gold?

Bank. Bank metals in the form of ingots with a purity of 999 and higher can be tried to be sold in a bank. However, if you bought a gold bar from the same bank, then it is not a fact that he will buy it back, if there is no expert evaluator there. Expertise on the side may be required with an opinion, which can then be provided to the bank.

Lombard. The most commonplace, but pretty quick way to sell anything from home appliances to gold jewelry. You can mortgage the product and redeem it at interest. The advantages of pawnshops are their high prevalence in the city and the presence of an appraiser. The pawnshop often displays the price of gold per gram on its shop window. However, if we are talking about a profitable deal, then the pawnshop should be avoided.

Buying. Not as common as a pawnshop, but provides free appraisal and examination of precious items. Buys up precious metals, and also prefers rare and unique items. The purchase is interested in the transaction and does not set strict conditions and requirements, and the prices there, as a rule, are several times higher. Buying is a great way to sell gold, silver, palladium and platinum at a high price.

Why buying gold online is profitable and convenient?

The world does not stand still and most of the spheres of life we ​​are used to are becoming available on the Internet. Products in online stores have become cheaper due to savings in rental costs, security and payment of employees, the same story is with the purchase and sale of precious metals. Site gold.in.ua buys various products made of gold, silver, palladium and platinum remotely via the Internet. It also provides investment metals and various collectible rarities for purchase.

Online valuation from photographs is a long-term practice to quickly and efficiently find out the value of gold. At the same time, you do not need to take it anywhere and give it to strangers in the hands, and then go home looking around. For diagnostics, you just need to take a couple of good photos with your smartphone and send it here.

Not every resident of a remote settlement in Ukraine, or even a resident of a large city, can find time to find a place of sale suitable at the rate and assessed value. But everyone has a post office or delivery service within walking distance, through which this valuable cargo can be sent to the buyer.

What are the advantages of buying gold.in.ua?

  • It's very easy to apply for a free assessment from your phone or computer.
  • With the help of an online calculator, you can also independently estimate the minimum price of a particular item without contacting specialists.
  • Customer confidentiality and mutually beneficial cooperation come first. Individual approach and secure transactions.
  • On the site gold.in.ua you will always find the current gold price per gram , as well as silver, platinum and palladium for all existing samples.
  • A wide variety of items can be sold: bank bars, coins, jewelry, icons, watches, antiques, technical metals and scrap.
  • You can purchase certified bank bars, rare collectible and investment coins, jewelry and more.
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