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Shock freezing technology for food

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Shock freezing technology for food

Freezing (fresh or specially prepared semi-finished products) of foodstuffs allows ensuring their safety for a long time without compromising their taste and energy properties. A technology specially developed for these purposes, which uses equipment for blast freezing and cooling , allows these procedures to be carried out on an industrial (production) scale at a higher quality level for the end consumer.

Schematic diagram of the equipment for shock freezing

Regardless of the volume and type of food products frozen using shock technology, the equipment used for these purposes (special cabinets) works according to the so-called 3-stage scheme:

  • Primary cooling of products to 0 C degrees without crystallization of the liquid in them - the temperature at the start of the procedure can be up to +90 C degrees, for example, immediately after steam treatment.
  • The second stage - the transfer of the liquid component of the product into a solid phase (transformation into ice), takes place in temperature ranges from 0 to -5 С degrees (the specificity and type of processed products are taken into account).
  • The final stage is final freezing down to -18 C degrees (considered optimal for long-term storage and transportation).

Modern refrigeration equipment allows you to perform the listed technological operations (one after the other) without unloading the processed products from the refrigerator. The process, as a rule, takes no more than 4 hours, after which the deep-frozen products are hermetically packed and sent to storage under appropriate conditions.

For more information on the types and technical characteristics of equipment for deep freezing, please visit the official website https://www.signal-pack.com/oborudovanie/sistemy-shokovoy-zamorozki-i-okhlazhdeniya/ - a company that supplies it directly from manufacturers ... All kits presented on the pages of the online catalog fully comply with the declared parameters and have a quality guarantee.

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