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UMMC Group and PJSC CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW increase strategic cooperation

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UMMC Group and PJSC CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW increase strategic cooperation

Credit Bank of Moscow (MCB) plans to acquire LLC CB Koltso Urala, part of the UMMC Group and operating in the Ural, Volga and Siberian federal districts.

This step meets the strategic priorities of the parties to develop cooperation in part of improving the quality of comprehensive financial services for the enterprises of the UMMC group and their employees, including in terms of corporate and consumer lending, expanding the range of banking services, as well as further digitalization and improving the quality of client services. The terms and conditions under the current customer agreements remain unchanged, the integration of information systems of financial institutions will take place in stages.

Andrey Kozitsyn, General Director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company: Over the past two years, MKB, one of the largest private federal banks of Russia, has established itself as a reliable partner with a fairly high expertise in the field of banking and financial services. The current initiatives and development programs of the “Ring of the Urals” are aimed at improving the quality of service for the bank's clients, including the enterprises of the UMMC group and their employees, in the field of cash settlement and lending, including using the latest banking technologies. As a result of the planned transaction, which has been negotiated since the beginning of 2020, we expect a synergistic effect, which should undoubtedly affect the quality and availability of financial services to the clients of the Ring of Urals. In turn, we are interested in continuing cooperation with the "Ring of the Urals" and MKB, as one of the important partners of the group.

Mikhail Polunin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of MKB: Cooperation with the group UMMC has a strategic long-term character. Specialists of KB "Ring of the Urals" have unique expertise, which will form the basis of transformations in the future. Thanks to the established customer relationships, we have the opportunity to develop customer loyalty and expand the range of services.


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (MCB) is a universal a commercial private bank that provides a full range of banking services for corporate and private clients, as well as financial and credit organizations. MKB is included in the list of systemically important credit institutions approved by the Bank of Russia.

According to the Interfax-100 ranking, at the end of 1 py. 2020 MKB ranks 6th in the banking system of Russia in terms of assets, it is the second private bank, the largest privately traded bank in the Russian Federation.

The reliability and stability of MKB is confirmed by the ratings of leading Russian and international agencies: “A (RU) "On the national scale from ACRA," A "from" Expert RA "," Ba3 "from Moody 's; "BB" from Fitch; "BB-" from S&P. The Bank has a successful track record of working on international capital markets, the debut Eurobond issue was placed in 2006

Awards. MCB is ranked among the strongest banking brands in the world according to Brad Fiace. In 2020, the bank was ranked among the best banks in the world according to Forbes and Statista. No. 11 in the ranking of the 25 largest banks in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of Tier 1 capital. MKB is among the top 500 most expensive banking brands in the world. The only private Russian bank in the Forbes Global 2000 rating. Best corporate governance in Russia, according to the World Fiace Corporate Goverace Awards. TOP-5 organizers of market placements of bond loans at the end of 2019, Cbods.

CB Ring of Ural LLC is one of the first commercial banks in Russia - holder of a two-digit license number from the Bank of Russia No. 65 (February 24, 2019 Bank celebrated its 30th anniversary), has a developed infrastructure that includes more than 40 offices, as well as more than 250 ATMs and self-service terminals located in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Kemerovo and Orenburg regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan. The bank serves more than 16 thousand corporate and 280 thousand private clients, ranks 107th in the rating of the largest banks in Russia in terms of assets as of 01.10.2020, its reliability is confirmed by the assessment of the RAEX agency (Expert RA), which raised its credit rating to ruBBB- level .

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company is a Russian mining and metallurgical holding, the largest producer of copper, zinc, coal and precious metals in the country, uniting more than 40 industrial enterprises in Russia and abroad.

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