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BMK has equipped its walk-through breathalyzers

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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant (AO BMK, part of the Mechel Group) is introducing a non-contact breathalyzer testing system. The installation of devices is aimed at ensuring safe working conditions, improving production discipline and preserving the health of workers.

Portable licensed breathalyzers are equipped with checkpoints BMK. The check takes place selectively both at the entrance and at the exit. The employee is tested with his consent in the presence of his immediate supervisor. Previously, the examination was carried out only visually.

The device, equipped with a sensitive sensor, in a second determines the content of alcohol vapors in the exhaled air. The device is equipped with three light signals that indicate the degree of alcohol intoxication: neutral, medium and strong. If the breathalyzer shows an excess of the permissible alcohol content limit of 0.2 and more ppm, then the employee is suspended from work and sent for a medical examination. If alcohol intoxication is confirmed, an appropriate disciplinary decision is made.

“Today, breathalyzers are installed in many industrial enterprises. And the positive results of their use are already known: they allow not by sight, but to accurately determine drunk people and prevent them from entering production. The introduction of such devices will help strengthen production discipline. It is important for us that each employee is aware of their full responsibility for their health and safety and does not pose a threat to their colleagues. After all, even small mistakes of a drunk worker can lead to irreparable consequences. And our task is to prevent this, "- commented the General Director of JSC" BMK "Sergei Fedorov.


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