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Matrix MEMS MXS-9100 Optical Switch

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Matrix MEMS MXS-9100 Optical Switch

Fiber-optic communication lines are distinguished by a fairly high throughput performance and a minimum amount of distortion in the signals transmitted through them (including the Internet, audio or video signals). The arrangement of such lines implies the mandatory use of special optical switches, which:

  • Have one input pole.
  • Multiple output poles for signaling to consumers.

Closing them provides a reliable and stable connection. Unlike similar earlier developments, the optical matrix switch MEMS MXS-9100 detailed technical information is presented on the website of JSC "LLS" https://lenlasers.ru/catalog/opticheskie-kristally/, the official distributor of EXFO on the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union, allows:

  • Connect multiple input optical fibers at once (for example, from different communication providers).
  • Short to any number of consumer output fibers.

In this case, the device has software control, which is carried out via Ethernet using the SCPI device, adapted to work with any kind of systems developed by EXFO.

Main advantages of the device

EXFO's matrix-type optical switch with unique remote control capability is an excellent solution for both testing the operation of fiber optic communication lines and servicing them as a gate device in configurations from 2x8 to 96x96 input /output source connections. It is guaranteed to provide:

  • Speed-independent protocol.
  • Complete the switchover in less than 40 ms.

High reliability and compliance with the declared parameters are confirmed by a long-term manufacturer's quality guarantee. You can order a matrix switch MEMS MXS-9100 or other types of similar equipment, as well as accessories for laser systems, using the website of the official supplier of JSC "LLP". All systems and device models presented on the pages can be supplied to customers in sample format for testing on site (intended use).

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