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Welding electrodes

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Welding electrodes

To connect individual metal elements of structures, or vice versa, to cut the workpiece (part), electric welding equipment is widely used. The main consumable material for carrying out work when using it are electrodes - rods made of metal or other type of conductive material. They are designed to supply an electric discharge to the treated area of ​​the workpiece (part) surface. Currently, there are more than 200 different types, most of which are sold by the supplier through his online store of welding materials "WeldMarket". Here's what needs to be considered to simplify the task of searching for the required type of electrodes.

Classification and types of electrodes

Electric welding equipment is distinguished by its versatility and can be used for processing (joining or cutting) a wide variety of alloy steels (including non-ferrous metals). According to their properties, electrodes are divided into 2 main groups:

  1. Non-consumable products - resistant to temperature heating of several thousand degrees, which allows a seam cut of the workpiece to be processed.
  2. Melting rods - when heated, they melt, mix with the metal of the parts, thus realizing a hardfacing or a connecting seam.

Most types of electrode rods have a so-called "coating". When heated, it turns into a gaseous state at the point of action on the surface of the workpiece with an electrode, excluding the ingress of an oxidizer (oxygen) into the hot (melted) zone, which reduces the quality and strength of the seam. The following classification types of coatings are distinguished:

  • Standard - "B".
  • Oxidized - "A".
  • Cellulose - "C".
  • Rutile - "P".

And one more important parameter that must be taken into account is the diameter of the electrode and its length. You can familiarize yourself with the types of these consumables and get information about their technical parameters using the online catalog of the welding accessories store. The electrodes presented on its pages fully correspond to the declared indicators of composition and performance, have a quality guarantee.

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