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Ordering a chain-link mesh in Tyumen

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Ordering a chain-link mesh in Tyumen

For many modern industries and the construction sector, the use of metal products is an important feasible measure. For example, Mesh netting is widely used in the construction of both residential and industrial facilities. It can also be used for reinforcement and installation of fences. If you need to purchase a wide range of mesh netting, you can contact the specialists of the Orion metal products plant in Tyumen.

Types of metal mesh netting

The plant's specialists offer metal mesh on favorable terms for customers. What kind of grid can be bought on the site:

  • Woven mesh made from commercial wire.
  • Hot-dip galvanized wire mesh. This mesh is resistant to aggressive environmental factors and has high performance properties.

On the site you can buy a netting from the manufacturer, which differs in wire diameter and mesh size. Thus, the diameter of the wire can vary from 1.2 to 4 mm. The strength indicators depend on the diameter: the heavier it is, the stronger. The size of the cells can also vary. Customers of the Orion plant can pay attention to the size of the cells in different variations: 10x10, 20x20, 50x50 mm, etc.

Why you should buy a netting from the manufacturer

The plant offers favorable terms of purchase to all customers. Among them, one can single out the guarantee of product quality, wholesale and retail sales, delivery organization, and custom production. If the client wishes, it is possible to organize shipment from one unit. The mesh is available in the warehouse and is always ready for prompt shipment. Therefore, dispatch and delivery are carried out as soon as possible.

If customers feel the need to produce non-standard cell sizes, you can contact the plant's specialists. They are ready to make a mesh with a non-standard mesh size according to the size and customer drawings. On the site you can send a request to calculate the cost. Experts will call back and advise on ordering issues.

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