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Features of container shipping

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Features of container shipping

International transportation of goods using sea vessels is considered quite cost-effective and convenient for both shippers and final recipients. The format of their logistics has its own specific features. And one of them is containers for forming a party. Sending cargo in rigid structures with a limited volume requires a specialist to have:

  • Relevant experience in the logistics industry.
  • Established relationships with carriers and customs structures.

The WTSGroup company provides this type of service at a high professional level (details are presented on the website ), at predetermined prices and on the basis of a contract officially concluded with the customer.

Transportation format

The most demanded and popular direction today is the delivery of goods from China. At the same time, it is far from always the manufacturing plant where the products are purchased is located in port cities or on the coast of the country. To complete the procedure for its delivery, the company's specialists carry out the following activities:

  • Preliminary preparation of customs documentation.
  • Formation of a batch using one or more containers of a certain (suitable) volume.
  • Acceptance of the correct placement of products in the container to avoid damage during transportation. Option of installing intermediate battens.
  • Passing the customs control procedure with the participation of a company representative.
  • Sending a container to the port and loading onto a transport vessel.
  • Unloading and customs activities at the port of arrival.
  • Formation of smaller consignments or sending the container with the cargo to the address specified by the customer.

You can get a preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation and conclude an agreement for the provision of services in the online format on the official Internet resource of the WTSGroup company. For an individual consultation, the site provides the option of contacting a manager who will answer all the customer's questions.

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