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Pizza delivery

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Pizza delivery

Pizza is one of those dishes that are preferred by millions of people around the world. She is equally loved by both adults and children. You don't have to stand at the stove for a long time to enjoy delicious pizza. You can make a purchase with delivery by contacting the specialists of “il Molino”. You can read the terms and order pizza delivery on the website https://ilmolino. ua /ru /delivery /pizza.html .

How to order pizza at home

The il Molino company offers favorable terms of delivery to all customers. At the appointed time, you can receive an order at the specified address. Within one hour, the order will be delivered to the address in Kiev. Having made an order for an amount over UAH 150, you will not have to pay for delivery.

There are several ways to pay for the order: in cash, online to a card and using a payment system.

Peculiarities of pizza selection

Italian pizza at home is an opportunity to try your favorite dish by ordering it at the best price. The advantages of choosing pizza are high-quality ingredients, unique cooking technology, and a large selection of types. You can order pizza according to the classic recipe, or choose the original version.

Pizza delivery is an excellent solution for a romantic evening, a festive party, a light snack or meeting unexpected guests. It should be noted that you can order pizza at special prices. To view promotional offers, you can go to the restaurant chain website. If you want to try something new, welcome to the "New" category. You can also see other dishes available for order.

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