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Made in Russia: UMMC will present a new mine machine, fire-resistant cables and digital technologies in education at Innoprom

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Made in Russia: UMMC will present a new mine machine, fire-resistant cables and digital technologies in education at Innoprom

“Made in Russia. Made in UMMC "is the main theme of the stand of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company at INNOPROM-2019, which will be held at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO IEC from 8 to 11 July. This year the holding is the official partner of the international industrial exhibition.

The two-storey stand of the UMMC will be located on an area of ​​306 sq. meters. At the head of the exposition, visitors will see a novelty - a PDM10-UGMK Ferrit LHD for underground mining, which has no analogues in Russia. At INNOPROM-2018, the company showed a model of this machine. This year, at the international industrial exhibition, a real full-size mine machine with a lifting capacity of 10 tons will appear before the guests. Today, the first PDM10-UMMC produced at the Shadrinsky Automotive Aggregate Plant, as well as the second by Ferrit in 2018, are already successfully operating at the Novo-Uchalinsky field of the Uchalinsky GOK (an enterprise of the UMMC raw materials complex) in the Republic of Bashkortostan. In December 2018, a declaration of conformity of the model to the safety requirements of machinery and equipment was received. This year, ShAAZ began the serial production of LHD vehicles with a carrying capacity of 10 tons. The start of serial production of 14 and 17-ton versions is scheduled for 2021 and 2022. Visitors will be able to visit the PDM10 cockpit and get acquainted with the operating dashboard. Distinctive features of PDM10-UGMK Ferrit are high maneuverability, compactness and low height, which is important in conditions of limited space in mines. When creating the car, the developers relied on two main criteria - reliability and simplicity. The equipment works in extreme conditions - at levels more than five hundred meters underground, and in order to exclude an emergency, PDM10 was equipped with a proven transmission, hydraulics, vehicle status indicators and a fire extinguishing system.

Traditionally, other production areas of the Uralskaya mining and metallurgical company. "Cable Alliance Holding" (unites the cable assets of UMMC) will demonstrate a virtual tour to the "Elektrokabel" plant. Guests of the stand wearing VR glasses will take a trip through the testing laboratory, where they check the composition and quality of materials, semi-finished products and finished cables. After getting acquainted with the virtual production, the guests of the stand will have the opportunity to evaluate real product samples. Among them is a fire-resistant cable of the Kolchuga trademark. The sample of the cable will be placed in a holographic display with simulated fire. Viewers will have access to information about the characteristics of the sample and test parameters. The new design of power and control cables TM "Kolchuga" is produced at the plant "Elektrokabel". In its manufacture, a modern material is used - organosilicon rubber. It is she who allows the cable to support the operation of rescue and other systems in the event of a fire for four hours. Organosilicon rubber is produced at the Sibkabel plant, which is also part of the KhKA. Therefore, we are talking about 100% import substitution. Another holographic showcase will demonstrate the testing of the resistance of a conductor as one of the most important parameters of a high-quality cable.

3D tours are also organized for modern non-ferrous metal production. In virtual reality, guests of the stand will walk around the Kirovsky and Revdinsky OCM plants. For two minutes, they will be able to observe the casting of five-ton ingots, look into a giant heating furnace and see the finishing stages of packaging finished rolled products from copper and alloys. At the UMMC-OCM stand itself, the thinnest copper foil for mechanical engineering and large-diameter pipes made of copper alloys for the shipbuilding industry will be presented.

The exposition of Uralelectromed JSC will consist of new product samples (components of electrical machines, electrical products, sliding contacts of crane equipment, blanks for welding products, ultradispersed copper electrolytic powders, silver powders) and the traditional line (copper cathodes, copper wire rod, gold and silver ingots, etc.). On the multimedia screen, the enterprise will present a video about integrated solutions in the field of automation and robotization of production processes.

Sukholozhsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant will show unique cast machine parts, and Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant will show ingots of tin-indium alloy, which used in electronics and jewelry.

At the exhibition, the partner enterprise of UMMC Vostochny Port will present the third stage of the coal terminal, the largest port investment project in the Far East, which will increase the competitiveness of the domestic coal industry in the world markets.

At INNOPROM-2019, residents of Yekaterinburg and guests of the city will also be able to get acquainted with the fresh products of UMMC-Agro. Visitors will taste soft cheeses made from goat milk "Coeur du ord", the production technology of which was developed by French experts; they will taste Mr.Gree vegetables ("M

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