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Ordering an automatic condensate drain valve

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Ordering an automatic condensate drain valve

In buses, trolleybuses and other types of cargo vehicles, the pneumatic brake system must operate in a trouble-free mode. However, during the operation of trucks, such equipment may fail. If the pressure in the system drops by 0.08 MPa, the condensate must be discharged. Thanks to a device such as an automatic condensate drain valve, this process takes place without complications on the machine. At https://testomes.org/produkt/klapan -avtomaticheskogo-sliva-kondensata-a0104000 a wide range of such devices can be ordered.

Features of the condensate drain valve

Valve model А01.04.000 can be used not only for condensate discharge from the system. It is also advisable to use it for the process of moisture and oil separation. These units are located on the receiver of the pneumatic brake system. Their main task is to ensure uninterrupted operation of the pneumatic brake system. A certain amount of condensation accumulates in the receiver. Therefore, the device automatically deletes it.

Thanks to the automatic heating function, accumulated moisture does not freeze. For this, the valve is equipped with a thermostat with a power control function. To expand the functionality of the device, the valve is connected to a separator.

Technical characteristics of the valve A01.04.000

The industrial company Testomes offers a wide range of equipment for various industries. To purchase such equipment, you must visit the website of the online store. Here is a catalog where you can find condensate drain valves for trucks.

When choosing this type of equipment, you need to pay attention to the main technical parameters. Among them, one can single out the nominal working pressure, throughput, power of the heating element, height, weight and other characteristics. It is also very important to determine the switching temperature of the heating element. To order equipment, you can contact the company's specialists.

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