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Shower cabinets

The owners of shower cabins managed to appreciate the delights of using this plumbing equipment. However, like any other plumbing fixtures, shower cabins' components can fail as they are used. If you need to buy a cartridge for a shower enclosure , you can contact the San Remo ". Here is a large selection of parts that allow you to quickly replace any breakdowns.

Cartridge selection: how to find the model

The mixer includes several cartridges. The first one mixes water, the other option switches modes. The virtual catalog represents cartridge models of the following types:

  • For mixing water, allowing you to adjust the temperature of the water. It is located under the water handle. Everyone can replace it. You don't need to do complicated work for this. It is enough to unscrew the feed knob and remove the nut.
  • To switch modes - for cabins with several formats of water supply. Replacing this type of cartridge takes a little longer. To do this, you need to free the rear panel for easy access.

Thus, by visiting the spare parts catalog, you can purchase everything you need. These are not only cartridges, but also nozzles, seals, watering cans, siphons, handles and much more. All products are of high performance and are sold at affordable prices to customers.

Ordering accessories for shower enclosures

The assortment of the online store has a large selection of cartridges for mixers that can be bought at affordable prices. Here you can choose a ceramic cartridge, both short and elongated, depending on the goals and objectives.

When choosing such parts, you should pay attention to the diameter of the case and the height of the models. This will allow you not to make a mistake in choosing and purchase consumables that fit optimally. Photos of cartridge models will help you make the right choice. If necessary, you can contact the company's specialists and get advice on the choice.

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