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M3cargo services

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M3cargo services

For a long time, China has been an attractive country for trade relations with Ukraine. Regular transportation of goods from China to Ukraine is a priority direction of the company M3cargo . It offers favorable conditions for cooperation to representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Let's get acquainted with the peculiarities of cooperation and the types of ordered services in more detail.

Delivery from China to Ukraine: highlights

If you own a business in the field of trade, beauty salons, restaurant business and want to bring goods profitably and safely, M3cargo offers its services. The main advantage is the ordering of lots of any size, as well as a fixed payment. The "groupage" service provides for payment only for the actual volume, and not for the container. The final cost will not include hidden fees. Therefore, the price will not change during the shipping process. An important criterion is the guarantee of the safety of the cargo. If the item is damaged, the cost will be refunded. Every day of delay will also be reimbursed.

Thus, cooperating with the company, each client can be sure that his cargo will be delivered on time without violating time periods. Estimated terms of cargo transportation are up to 65 days.

Peculiarities of cargo delivery by sea

The most profitable way to transport cargo from China is sea delivery. This is due to the ability to transport goods of any volume - large-sized machines and small batches of products. For clients, the following advantages can be highlighted:

  • Convenience for all participants of groupage cargo.
  • Fixed cost of services.
  • Security of transactions.
  • Guaranteed to complete the service on time.

China Supplier Search Service

If you are in business and want to take your relationship to the next level, you can start looking for suppliers in China. You can get acquainted with the service in more detail on the website: https://m3cargo. com /ru /opytnym-zakazchikam /poisk-postavshchikov /.

The main aspect of doing business right is finding reliable and proven suppliers in another country. In this situation, we are talking about partnership with China. If you decide to search for a supplier on your own on the Internet, the probability of concluding a profitable deal can be less than 50%. By working with M3cargo, you will be able to find suppliers with a 90% probability. The search time will take no more than 14 days. The cost of the service starts at $ 100. For a detailed acquaintance with the service, you can contact the specialists online.

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