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Urgent SRO registration

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Urgent SRO registration

With the onset of the next spring-summer season, the volumes of orders that are quite profitable for contractors for a variety of construction works are significantly increasing:

  • Repair and restoration of active objects.
  • Design and survey work for new buildings and structures.

Any such activity requires the contractor to have an SRO extract confirming his membership in a self-regulatory organization in a specific field of activity. A kind of obligatory document today replaces a license. Its registration requires the fulfillment of a whole list of bureaucratic conditions, which quite understandably takes too much time from entrepreneurs. Official extract from the SRO register for 1 day day is produced commercially today. The ordering procedure is as follows.

Ordering an SRO for builders, surveyors or designers

Registration and receipt of an SRO statement has a regional (territorial) format. At the official level, the procedure is available exclusively to members of the self-regulatory organization and looks like this:

  • Drawing up an application for a document.
  • Submitting an application to the territorial authority.
  • Waiting to receive the document.

For those entrepreneurs who know how to value their time, there is an easier and faster option. Submitting an application online through the website of the SRO Federal Licensing Center admission company, which provides this type of service on a commercial basis. Resolution of technical issues with a manager (cost, timing) is carried out in the format of an individual consultation by phone. The client is provided with a guarantee of the originality of the SRO extract issued to him, which is produced within 1 working day.

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