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Severstal completed delivery of 27 thousand tons of large diameter pipes for the construction of Arctic LNG 2

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PJSC Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, has completed the supply of large-diameter pipes in the amount of 27 thousand tons for the development of the Salmanovskoye (Utrennoye) oil and gas condensate field under the Arctic LNG 2 project, which is being implemented by NOVATEK ".

In the period from September 2020 to February 2021, Izhora Pipe Plant (ITZ, part of the Severstal Russian Steel division) shipped large diameter pipes (LDP) in the range of 530-1420 mm with a three-layer polyethylene coating wall thickness from 14 to 26 mm made of steel of strength category from K50 to K60.

Within the framework of this tender, Severstal also supplied 40 tons of LDP with a diameter of 1020 mm and a wall thickness of 26 mm in a cold-resistant version with a minimum operating temperature of -52 degrees. This is a unique product that has no analogues in Russia. Even at such a low temperature, the metal retains its plasticity, which is important for the operational reliability of the gas pipeline in regions with extremely low temperatures.

Severstal offers customers unique trading solutions for the construction of LNG plants based on the production capabilities and products manufactured by the enterprises of the into the structure of the company. For the construction of Arctic LNG 2, Severstal supplies the widest range of products - from fittings, hardware products and large-diameter pipes to the most sophisticated unique equipment, replacing imported analogues, "said Severstal CEO Alexander Shevelev.

Petersburg, Linde Severstal, a joint venture with Germany's Lide, is currently producing a spiral-wound heat exchanger (liquefier) ​​for the Arctic LNG 2 project. The spiral wound heat exchanger (SVTO) is a key piece of equipment in natural gas liquefaction and processing plants. At the end of 2019, the company purchased a 300-ton winding machine, which allows winding operations for large-scale heat exchangers, which include a spiral-wound heat exchanger for Arctic LNG 2.

Today, Linde Severstal is the first and only Russian enterprise for the production of such equipment. The enterprise has implemented an absolutely identical process model of product quality control, which guarantees high product standards at Lide enterprises around the world.

For the construction of Arctic LNG 2, Severstal-metiz (the enterprise is part of the Severstal structure) supplies fasteners , steel shaped profiles and reinforcement strands. High-strength fasteners are produced by Oryol Steel Rolling Plant in cooperation with the partner company Parallel, which applies a special thermal diffusion coating to the fasteners that protects them from corrosion. OSPAZ fasteners are used to fasten metal structures.

Severstal Distribution (distribution network of the company " Severstal) supplies A600C and A500 valves for the construction of the Arctic LNG 2 liquefied gas plant. The total volume of supplies since 2019 has already reached 92.5 thousand tons.

For reference:

The Arctic LNG 2 project provides for the construction of three technological lines for the production of liquefied natural gas with a capacity of 6.6 million tons per year each and stable gas condensate up to 1.6 million tons per year. The total capacity of the three lines will be 19.8 million tons of LNG per year. The project is based on an innovative construction concept using gravity-based foundations in order to reduce capital costs and minimize the environmental impact of the Arctic region of Russia. The launch of the first line is planned in 2023, the second and third - in 2024 and 2026, respectively.

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