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Ceramic chimneys Heluz

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Ceramic chimneys Heluz

In houses with stove heating, special attention is paid to smoke removal systems. Chimneys from a ceramic block are able not only to withstand high temperature conditions, but also to accumulate heat. If you need to buy ceramic chimneys , you can pay attention to the solutions at the link https://heluz.kiev.ua/chimneys/ Czech-made Heluz company.

Ceramic chimneys: selection features

The company has developed a custom chimney system that allows you to build high quality chimneys. It is quite easy to use. Structural elements can be easily docked in order to form a smoke exhaust duct. It can be combined with different types of fuel.

Not only ceramic blocks for the chimney are available for ordering, but also the base, external elements, etc. Thanks to the use of porous blocks, the structure is resistant to acids, vibrations, and corrosion.

Where to buy ceramic chimney blocks?

The chimney system of the Czech brand Heluz has versatility. The modular design allows it to be used not only for private households, but also for commercial and industrial facilities. Within the framework of this system, a variety of combustion products are removed - solid, liquid, gaseous. Such ceramic chimneys can be widely used for both stoves and fireplaces.

The chimney system has the following features:

  • Deliveries of a complete set.
  • High performance.
  • High heat capacity and ability to store heat.
  • High speed of laying.
  • Simplicity and ease of installation.

Thus, by purchasing universal ceramic flue systems, you get the opportunity to organize the operation of the chimney for a long operational period. Thanks to its versatility, you can create a pipe with the required number of passages and channels in the flue. The Heluz online store offers chimneys with different technical parameters for different types of fuel. You can get acquainted with the assortment and find the best solution on the website. To do this, just open the options directory.

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