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Spare parts for agricultural machinery

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Spare parts for agricultural machinery

Cultivation of cultivated plants is one of the most profitable and demanded businesses around the world. But in order to get a high yield, and to reduce the cost of planting and harvesting it, it is necessary to use the appropriate agricultural equipment. Elvorti Kropyvnitsky is not only a wide range of attachments. But also spare parts for it. Since even the most careful use of technology leads to the gradual wear of some parts.

Most popular spare parts

Attachments connected to tractors and combines are in regular contact with the ground. This means that the natural abrasive of the earth leads to increased wear of parts. Quality production and use of durable steels reduces wear, but does not guarantee its complete absence. The most popular spare parts are:

  1. Steel seeder wheel.
  2. Offset coulter
  3. Disc for loosening the soil.
  4. Steel share of the seeder.
  5. Complete sowing unit.

Important: a convenient search for the necessary spare parts for agricultural machinery saves time. The presence of a special mobile application will allow you to place an order as quickly and efficiently as possible. No need to start a desktop computer.

Benefits of original spare parts

Made by a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, spare parts are ideal replacements for worn ones. Mechanics do not need to spend a lot of time to make simple replacements and basic setup. For other, no less important reasons to choose original parts, you can add:

  • manufacturer's warranty;
  • the ability to completely restore the factory characteristics of the equipment;
  • no potential danger of sudden breakage;
  • spare parts are designed for increased loads during operation;
  • does not need further development.

It is especially important to take a responsible approach to the repair of agricultural machinery working with liquid fertilizers. Incorrect dosage can destroy the crop, or render it poisonous for human and animal consumption.

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