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MMK spoke about strategic development at the conference of the largest steel producers

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Nowadays, two interrelated megatrends have the strongest influence on economic processes all over the world, Olga Shemshur noted. The first is climate change, which is forcing manufacturers to make their production more sustainable and provide customers with products that meet new environmental requirements. The second is technological progress: the massive introduction of "green technologies", digitalization and automation of work processes.

At the same time, the steel industry has all the conditions to meet the requirements of the modern world, strive for zero waste and ensure the recycling and reuse of resources. “Steel is the most recyclable material in the world,” Olga Shemshur emphasized. "The manufacturing process is becoming more and more environmentally friendly." MMK, adapting to global challenges, focuses on the quality of metal products, steadily expands its presence in niche market sectors where premium products are in high demand.

Analyzing the development of ferrous metallurgy in Russia and in the world, the representative of MMK noted that from - due to the growing demand for premium metal products - lighter and at the same time high-strength - steel producers need to develop innovative, high-quality and unique types of products. MMK has a strong position in this market segment: the company produces a wide range of premium metal products and is constantly working to improve its portfolio. “MMK has the widest range of products in Russia,” Olga Shemshur recalled.

As for the industries using metal products, the construction sector is expected to be the main driver of growth in Russia. There is room for development here - construction using metal structures in our country is not widespread in comparison with developed countries (about 17% of the total construction volume), so there is a great potential for growth. National projects will help to implement it, involving the development of infrastructure, as well as an increase in the annual commissioning of housing to 120 million square meters. m. MMK's market position allows the company to benefit from the implementation of national construction projects.

In the energy sector, the demand for steel is currently not that great, but there is also potential for growth. In particular, the Russian government is implementing programs to support the development of renewable energy sources, and MMK's products can become part of the solution to the problem of climate change - for example, the products of the 5000 hot rolling mill are used to produce wind turbines. There are opportunities for growth in demand for metal products in mechanical engineering (thanks to the development of the railway network and the implementation of import substitution programs), as well as in the automotive industry (thanks to the localization of foreign brands and an increase in car production).

In 2020, MMK Group updated its portfolio of strategic initiatives until 2025. “I would like to emphasize that we pay special attention to sustainable development,” noted Olga Shemshur. “In addition, we develop and use digital technologies, introducing them into all production and business processes, at the level of the entire MMK Group.”

The updated development strategy of the MMK Group consists of three priority areas and seven strategic initiatives. By 2025, the implementation of the strategy will bring MMK an additional $ 1 billion in EBITDA. The company plans to receive 410 million due to the expansion of the product portfolio with a focus on premium products, continuous improvement of customer services and the development of sales using a network of retail houses and digital channels. An additional $ 630 million will bring reduced production costs, continuous improvements in production and supply chain efficiency. Another important goal of the strategy is to achieve the goal of "Zero Injury" by ensuring the safety of all production processes. In addition, improving the corporate culture of opportunity will help MMK increase employee engagement and inspire employees to creative innovation and innovation. Environmental goals are also important to the strategy - by 2025, the company is committed to significantly reducing CO выброс emissions per ton of steel. And MMK will continue to contribute to the development of the region where it is based - for this purpose, the company launched an Industrial Park in Magnitogorsk for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, and also develops industrial tourism.

“MMK pays great attention to sustainable development and strives to be a responsible company that meets all the requirements of modern trends, "Olga Shemshur summed up.

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