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How to choose a karambit knife using the NOZHEMAN catalog

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How to choose a karambit knife using the NOZHEMAN catalog

A national type of cold steel, whose homeland is Indonesia, the karambit knife is able to immediately attract the attention of even the fair sex due to its unique appearance:

  • Curved sickle blade.
  • Similarly rounded grip.

For those who are not well versed in knives, it causes a desire to be used as a decor. This belongs to the category that are exhibited, including in our showcases of souvenir boutiques. But, karambit is far from being a fashionable decoration and you can verify this with the help of the online catalog of the store « KNIFE MAN ", Where he is represented by dozens of models in the hotel category.

Features of use and main types

It should be noted right away that according to the current domestic legislation, karambit does not belong to the category of cold weapons due to (or due to) the shortened length of the blade and the large rounded bend. Therefore, its implementation, purchase and wearing is completely legal. It is possible to use karambit for its intended purpose as a regular knife (cut, puncture, sharpening), but it is somewhat difficult and inconvenient due to its shape. At the same time, as a weapon of self-defense, it carries rather a psychological effect:

  • Inflict a fatal cutting wound.
  • Give a precise injection into a vital organ.

Almost impossible due to the crescent shape of the blade. At the same time, karambit is perfect for the so-called urban combat in a confined space, when you have to deliver short strikes.

The design of the karambit handle is especially convenient - the curved shape allows you to securely hold the knife in your hand during use. When choosing a suitable knife, you should use the following classification of its design:

  • Blade length.
  • Foldable or all-metal format.
  • Steel grade.
  • Handle material and dimensions.

In addition to the description in the catalog of the NOCHEMAN store, each knife model is accompanied by clear color photographs. The knife should not only be practical, but also please its future owner, as they say: “at first sight”.

And finally, about the new products. Well-known manufacturers have managed to combine the national karambit knife with a butterfly-type blade folding design. You can view this original model at https://nozheman.club/kerambity/ the official website of the store. Access to the resource is free and does not require prior registration. And buying and ordering delivery to the desired address are carried out in a simplified format in just a couple of minutes.

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